Refund Policy

Adventures Technology has created this refund policy to describe the process when Adventures Technology will issue a refund. By registering for any of Adventures Technology services, you are stating that you have read and accept all of the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy.

If our clients are dissatisfied from our services, they have the liberty to cancel their projects and request a refund from us. Our Policy for the project cancellation and refund will be as follows:

  • Cancellation Requests must be made at least 7 business days before to the expiry of delivery schedule of the project.
  • In case our client is not satisfied with our provided services we can make a refund within 25 days from the cancellation request of the Project. The final refund will be issued after deducting the Service charges and the Hourly charges for the work completed by our team.
  • The approval response for the refund will be provided within a maximum of 7 working days from the date of client’s request raised.
  • All refunds will be paid on or before the 15 working days from the date of approval response of refund request by Adventures Technology.

Contacting us regarding our refund policy

If you have questions or suggestions about this refund policy please email us at