Our Creative Team

Adventures Technology team is a force of invariant innovation, continuous improvisation and deep solutions - a group of highly motivated professionals with positive mindset. We are a team of programmer, designer & project manager that works together in consensus to deliver understandable solutions according to your requirements. We work on a user-centric model that relates with every needs of client effectively. Our approaches are designed to serve you with most beneficial solutions of web and software applications.

Our professionals are trained in the open and closed source web applications and programming techniques so we can give you the best possible solutions for your business. Our web designers are experienced in producing design concepts that complement your ideas, marketplace and product. Our team qualities also include content writing and search engine optimization techniques. Our team has sufficient experience in content writing and keyword rich SEO techniques.

Our focused ideas and socially trustworthy principles bind the team together strongly and serve as the most substantial identity of the company. Our web development services, web designing services, custom application development and software development solutions help you to achieve the assuring worth to your business.

We respect your requirements and work accordingly

We work in team and strongly believe, working together is our success

Our Team Members

Dhiraj S Jaiwal
Dhiraj was born in Delhi, India. In 2007 he obtained Master degree in Information Technology and later in 2008 he pursue in Management Diploma. He moved to the Chandigarh in 2009 to explore the opportunities and in 2010 he joined Adventures Technology as an Junior Manager in Ludhiana. With in three years due to his dedicated work he has promoted to Project Manager (IT Dept.) where he managed all web and software projects. He is responsible for the planning, management, co-ordination and financial control of a project. As a Project manager he ensures that the client's requirements are met, the project is completed on time and within budget and that everyone else is doing their job properly.

Omesh Grover
Omesh belongs to Ludhiana, and discovered by Dhiraj S Jaiwal. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Applications from Punjab Technical University Jalandhar. He joined Adventure Technology in 2012. He is Web Designer/Developer and maintain Adventure Technology Website and its client's websites. He is responsible for the website design, layout, coding and technical/graphical aspects of a website - how site works and how its looks. He shedule testing phases with his colleague Anil Mehra and both fix if any technocal problem. He keep himself up to date with advances in computer technology.

Anil Mehra
Anil belongs to Ludhiana, and discovered by Dhiraj S Jaiwal. He obtained a diploma in Computer Applications, from National Institute of Information Technology Jalandhar. He joined Adventure Technology in 2013. He is techie in PHP Mysqli and manages company's products and websites. He has skills of web application programming, good working knowledge of smarty framework and able to pick up new techneques. Now he is working in making responsive web template designs.

Why Adventures Technology?

  • Technically sound and dedicated team of experts
  • Quality to deliver projects with excellence
  • Selected Staff members to deliver results in reduced time to market
  • Higher Technical agility
  • Offer responsive and flexible projects